About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a small company located in the internet service provider branch.

We started in 2004 with a website under the name of xcla. Back that time we where only a group of 5 friends interested on the new technologies and anxious to see what they can bring to the inner knowledge.
Quickly, our website started to become popular in Portugal and Spain, and in 2009 we sold the website to another enterprise.

Because the internet and technologies are always evolving, we couldn't stay still. So, we moved into a new project. Lighter, with new developping languages and different hardware, but only with 3 members of the inicial team.
Due to several problems and different ideas between us, the project died 2 years later in end of 2011. In 2012, i (Bruno) decided to provide support on a project of a couple of colleagues who i knew on the mean time. In 2015, i decided to open the xervers website (mainly supported by these 2 colleagues that become friends).

Our service started with a lot of problems (providers who cut the internet service to our servers, the servers randomly crashing without any reason, etc...), but we keep ourselves still and solved a problem at time.
We also had a extreme good understanding and pacience of our clients of that time (some are still with us and we consider them has family).

Today, we are proud of every line we achieved! We provide very stable services and we started to build up our datacenter in Center of Portugal. The first dedicated servers got rented even before we had them available for subscription.

This tell us that we are a good team and our clients believe in us and in our project.

This little story is to explain all problems we overcome and the love, pacience, understanding our clients give us. I (has a owner) will always thank them.

Bruno Carvalho

Bruno Carvalho (Webix)


There is no limit to what we can do. Only our will will limit us from achieving our life goals.

Tiago Santos (ZeBalas)


Am I Real? Are you real? Is this real? What's real? Am I real? are you real? Is this real? Tell me, what's real?

Our Values

Persistence, stability, accessibility, proximity, competence, cordiality, dynamism, efficiency, honesty

We work everyday to provide you with the best services at the lowest prices

You can expect a uptime of 98.9% per year.


We present services that have only a confirmed stability.


We try to provide the best that is closer to you.


All our services are configurable. If you need something that is not available, contact us.


All our values is what makes our services valuable for you.


All our services are protected against DDOS attacks.

Our Location

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