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Are you looking for a secure voice server with low latency, good sound quality and protected from any DDOS attack? You just come to the right place!
Our servers deliver the best quality at the lowest latency and totally protected from any DDOS attacks.

Our servers are protected by Tilera and Arbor systems and we are connected to the fastest networks who assure the lowest latency in all Europe.

Don't stay on the illegality with a cracked licence! We are a fully licensed and authorised TeamSpeak hosting provider. With us, you will pay the right price for every slot. We understand every community needs, that's why we only charge the licenced slot plus a little fee for the equipment maintenance.

Main Features:

Instant Setup

24/7/365 User Support

Low Network Latency

Strong Anti-DDoS Protection

Free Control Panel



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We are an Authorized Reseller
Immediate Activation
TCAdmin Control Panel
Strong Anti-DDoS Protection
Proprietary DNS Server
JTS3ServerMod Free on demand after 50 subscribed slots.

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Control Panel.
You can configure all JTS3ServerMod functions from a control panel.
No need to dig into config files or command lines.

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Why are we one of the best?

We're committed to providing you with the best voice servers around with the best anti-DDoS protection. We offer instantaneous upgrades if you need additional slots, JTS3ServerMod and custom hostnames to personalize your server. Experience full control with the ability to customize all aspects of your server and no forced advertisements.


You are the master of your pocket.
Upgrade or downgrade your server slots at anytime.
(Has long there isn't any invoice to be paid)


We provide you with personalized and quick support. All our tickets are answered under 12 hours and the problems solved under 48 hours max.


After we have confirmed your payment, the order is processed instantanely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you need? Please contact us and we will be happy to help!

We have no minimum time limit, simply cancel within 15 days or more and you will not be billed any further.
A control panel for your server is available from our client area which allows you to create or restore server snapshots or backups.
Yes you may edit your server banner and other features (except the server slots, upload and download limit), we often lock security down initially so if you find the option is greyed out simply open a support request and we will happily enable it for you.
Once you have made your payment, your TeamSpeak server will be instantly setup and ready for use, if you can't wait for the email with the server details, you can access the "view emails" from your client area.
After you have your service up and running, you can increase or decrease the slots count from the client area.
Has we already answered on another question, we only limit the change of server slots and the upload and download limit is set to 10Mb per client (Our teamspeaks are not file storages)


JTS3ServerMod is a service to administrate Teamspeak 3 servers. With it you can notify of users entering on specific channels, make advertisements, auto-move users based on some conditions, prevent users from using bad words on their names or channel names, and many more.

This document will explain you how to put the service working and how to configure some of it's functions.

Before you order the service:

Before you order the service you need to create a specific group for the bot, an identity and a server query login for your bot. To do so, follow the these steps:

Creating the group for the service:

  • Create a new group called "JTS3".
  • Delete all permissions on that group.
  • Add the following permissions with "Grant" option:
    • b_channel_delete_flag_force
    • b_channel_delete_permanent
    • b_channel_delete_semi_permanent
    • b_channel_delete_temporary
    • b_channel_join_ignore_password
    • b_channel_join_permanent
    • b_channel_join_semi_permanent
    • b_channel_join_temporary
    • b_channel_modify_name
    • b_client_channel_textmessage_send
    • b_client_delete_dbproperties
    • b_client_ignore_sticky
    • b_client_info_view
    • b_client_remoteaddress_view
    • b_client_server_textmessage_send
    • b_group_is_permanent
    • b_virtualserver_channel_list
    • b_virtualserver_channelgroup_client_list
    • b_virtualserver_client_dbinfo
    • b_virtualserver_client_dblist
    • b_virtualserver_client_dbsearch
    • b_virtualserver_client_list
    • b_virtualserver_info_view
    • b_virtualserver_notify_register
    • b_virtualserver_notify_unregister
    • b_virtualserver_servergroup_list
    • i_channel_join_power
    • i_channel_modify_power
    • i_client_complain_power
    • i_client_kick_from_channel_power
    • i_client_kick_from_server_power
    • i_client_move_power
    • i_client_permission_modify_power
    • i_client_poke_power
    • i_client_private_textmessage_power
    • i_group_member_add_power
    • i_group_member_remove_power
    • b_serverquery_login
    • b_virtualserver_select
    • b_serverinstance_permission_list

Once this is done, proceed with the identity creation.

Creating a new identity to be used by the bot:

  • Open your teamspeak client, go to identities and create a new identity.
  • Login on your teamspeak server with the new created identity on a new tab.
  • On the 1st tab (or the tab where you have your normal administrator account) assign the administrator group and the "JTS3" group to the identity you just created.
  • On the 2nd tab (the tab of the new identity), create a new query login and take note of the username and password your teamspeak server gives you.
  • Back on the 1st tab remove the administrator group (ONLY).

Now you can order the new JTS3ServerMod service with the query login username and password you just created.
When the service will access your teamspeak server, it will be identified with that ID.

Important Note: Add the service IP address to your teamspeak whitelist so it won't get banned.

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